about super stevie


Hi, my name is Kirsty Peters and I am so excited to share with you the launch of my first ever children’s book – Super Stevie – Superman was adopted too. 

The launch will take place on World Adoption Day the 9th November 2020. A day to celebrate
the LOVE of family, to raise awareness for adoption and help raise funds for those that need it most.

Super Stevie is dedicated to my precious adopted son Steven and based on true life events – A special gift book for all children to enjoy.

The purpose of my book is 3 fold:


1. For children who have been adopted, there’s an added layer of complexity, as they grapple with both positive and negative emotions relating to their adoption story. Super Stevie provides adoptee children and parents opportunities to relate to Super Stevie’s challenges, personal growth and trust, and can give them the language and tools to navigate through their feelings about adoption with imagination, emotion, and change. They are not alone on this journey – the Super Stevie character is right there with them.

2. Raise funds for those that need it most- 50% of all Super Stevie sales profit will go towards  supporting an incredible Adoption NPO, TLC based in JHB, SA.

3. To celebrate the gift of family and to create adoption awareness in SA and around the world.

about super stevie


Adoption has been a defining blessing in my life. I believe every child deserves the LOVE of a family and to walk through life with unconditional love by their side. Sadly, many will never experience this, child protection stats put the number of orphans in SA at approximately 5.2 million and a further rise in the number of orphans due to the Covid19 pandemic.

I truly felt compelled to share this adoption awareness message with our country and the world. I believe that only TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Thank you for your Support in helping us to make a difference!

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